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Online Trading Course with live lessons
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Online Trading Course with live lessons

10 hours online Trading Course 
+ Free Trading Signals


Federica Longi - Course Instructor

"I'll teach you my best methods and strategies to trade live. I'll show you real trading and I'll be ready to help you with any question you could have"
Federica has a Bachelor's Degree of Arts in Economics with Emphasis in International Economics and Minor in German by San Diego State University.

Her strong background in Econometrics with emphasis in stock market fluctuations and Calculus and Matrix Algebra and its applications in economic predictions helped her to develop advanced strategies in the stock market that will be shown to you in this course.

Start investing your own money!
We all find ourselves in need of knowing how to invest our savings, fundamentally because as time goes on our money is worth less and less. Consequently, if we do not learn how to invest our capital, we will lose our purchasing power.
10 live lessons
Your teacher will be doing live webinars to deliver the live lessons and answer your doubts.
Live & Demo Trading
We will show you how to properly make the transition to demo trading to live trading.
Trading Software
We will recommend you the better free trading software to help you with your practice.
Extra content
In your student area you will find extra content to help you enrich your education.
Direct one-by-one support
Your teacher will be available via email, phone and Skype to help you with any issue you could have.
You will always will have access to the FULL content of the course (recordings and extra content).
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TFZ Alumni
"A course with important information and very accessible to people like me that don't know anything about trading and are starting with it. Recommended, you will learn a lot"

TFZ Alumni
" 100% recommended course, to anyone that want to learn how to do trading. Even if you don't know anything about trading or you have previous experience you will love this course"
TFZ Alumni
"I don't usually like online course but seeing it live really makes the difference, the direct contact with the teacher is amazing and the content of the course surpassed my expectations"
TFZ Alumni
"They are constantly trying to deliver you the best education possible, showing all the software and tools that help you learn more... amazing professionals with an impressive educational commitment, you will always have someone taking care of you"
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